Effiplus and its local dealers held a signing ceremony


In November 2019, EFFIPLUS Middle East service team visited one international transportation fleet in Israel with the local partner. They checked the tire performance to have a better understanding of Effiplus CPKM in this fleet.

This fleet has 50 vehicles and more than 100 trailers in Israel. Since year 2012, they started with EFFIPLUS with 3-year PPK (price per kilometer) contract. After the performance of Effiplus are approved with lower CPKM compared with tier one brands, they transferred the contract from PPK to PPJ (cost per job) with local distributor, which means a package solution including tire maintenance, tire replacement and on-site service is contracted by Effiplus local partner. Currently, 90% of the tire consumption in this fleet are from Effiplus.

Following is one tracking report of EFFIPLUS 315/80R22.5 R608 conducted in this fleet, the estimated mileage could reach 236,326km. The fleet manager is very much satisfied with the performance.


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