Same Boat Partner Fight against Virus Together with Techking


In the past several days, 10000 masks were sent to China by a Techking’s 5-year same-boat partner in Lebanon. The masks will be donated to Wuhan city, which were suffering the NCP (Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia) at the beginning of 2020.

All Techking family members have made their contribution to overcome the epidemic. Now in China, the masks are the most in short supply. Techking is trying to collect masks from different countries. The partner from Lebanon tried every possible way, finally got 10000 masks locally. His helping hand brings Techking encourage to fight against the NCP. 

The team is changing masks from small boxes to big box to help Techking receive and deliver to Wuhan easily. 

The same boat partner Mr. Georges from Lebanon said: “In my blood I like to serve. Techking and I are one family, I love this family.”

Love has no borders. Techking and all partners believe that the spring is coming soon.

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